Planting Design

An initial discussion will be used to talk through your requirements and a potential budget. The design process will then move through the following stages.

Stage 1 - Site Visit

An assessment of the site will be made. This will include looking at existing planting, measuring the proposed planting areas, analysing the soil and noting the aspect and light levels. Photographs will be taken and there will be the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas.

Stage 2 - Planting Scheme

A planting concept will be prepared, sharing the inspiration for the garden and will include a planting palette. The number and position of the selected plants will be shown using circles set out as a planting scheme. This will allow a planting schedule to be formulated with an estimate of the plant costs.

Stage 3 - Planting

Plant schedules will be sent to local trade nurseries, to establish final pricing and availability. Deliveries will be arranged direct to your home. The delivery will be unloaded, checked and plants layed out according to the plan. Planting can then be arranged if required. An aftercare maintenance schedule can also be produced.


There will be a fixed fee for the initial site visit which is dependent on the extent of the planting area and travelling distance. Design fees are based on guidance from the Society of Garden Designers. Planting is charged on a day rate.


Garden Maintenance

Following an initial visit to the garden, a tailor made year round maintenance schedule will be created, based on the needs of the garden and the budget. Services can include grass cutting, herbaceous plant care and border maintenance, creating vegetable gardens, pruning and light hedge work. Fees will be based on regular weekly or fortnightly visits.